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Ghost Towns in Kansas, United States - Abandoned Village, Town or City

Thanks for watching. 1) Battle of Black Jack 2) Bushong 3) Coolidge 4) Coronado 5) Doniphan 6) Irving 7) Lone Star 8) Louisville 9) Miller 10) Pawnee 11).

Ghost town of Elgin, Kansas

I normally focus my interest on ghost towns within the borders of Oklahoma, but Elgin has a special place in Oklahoma history, at least for the northeastern.

Ghost Towns of Kansas: 6

The final volume in the award winning series on Kansas ghost towns. This is the trailer to the book. Hope you enjoy it. Ghost Towns of Kansas is a history of 110.

Bushong Kansas

West of Osage City, Kansas is a town called Bushong. Its listed in the Ghost Town Handbook. Visit this site while you can. Here is another video from a few.

Derelict Joyland Amusement Park Kansas, America.

At first glance, these desolate images look like they're from the aftermath of a warzone, or a ghost town left behind from the Chernobyl disaster. But in fact these.

Elgin, KS - Ghost Town

Elgin, KS - Ghost Town Abandoned Oklahoma m/elgin-ks.

Metal Detecting Old Kansas Ghost Town

In this video the fellas and I are out exploring another vanished ghost town. All that is left standing is one house and a few outbuildings. Right alongside a.

Abandoned Outlaw Hideout & Ghost Town Silver Metal Detecting

On this hunt the fellas and I are out and about scouting for a lost outlaw hideout in Kansas. Additionally we hunt an old ghost town and find some silver! We are.

Covert Kansas

4th Grade project to learn the history of a Kansas ghost town.

Neosho Falls, Kansas - Ghost Town - Old School

Really cool old School. Been there many times.