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JOBS AT MSC: Ordinary Seaman

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Become an Able Seamen

Experienced sailors are designated able seamen on oceangoing vessels, but may be called simply deckhands on inland waters; larger vessels usually have a.

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Able Seamen

Whether on inland waterways or on the high seas, Able Seamen play an important role in the commercial shipping industry or merchant marines. When in port.

Able-Bodied Seaman

Quick links to interview questions: 1. What are your primary duties on the ship? 0:12 2. What path did you take to get where you are today? 0:52 3. What did you.

Video Hometowner -- Able Seaman Marine Technician Steed Wilson

Royal Australian Navy ships and submarines and Royal New Zealand Navy ships with over 1300 sailors and officers are participating in a comprehensive.

Video Hometowner -- Able Seaman Cook Kate Svanfelds

Royal Australian Navy Armidale-class patrol boat hmas Ararat and a Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion join forces with the Indonesian Navy ships KRI.

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Career Development at Sea and Ashore - Captain Martin Burley, Lecturer - New Zealand Maritime School

Captain. Martin Burley Lecturer New Zealand Maritime School Truly inspiring words from Captain Martin Burley as he shares his experience from being a cadet.