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How To Add An About Me | Tumblr Guide

In this episode of Tumblr Guide I teach y'all how to add an about me.

How to - Make an about me page on Tumblr

This is just a quick and easy tutorial on how to make and add an about me page to your blog on Tumblr. If you want to know how to do anything else, just.

How to make an About Me page on Tumblr®

Do you want your followers on Tumblr to learn more about you? You can create and publish an About Me page through your Tumblr dashboard to help your.

Facts about me. Tumblr & Quotes

A few facts about me, mentioning some people i follow on tumblr and some quot;s i found there aswell. It might sound really quiet or too loud or simply bad so.

DIY Tumblr Room Decor 2015! Diy Christmas Holiday Room Decor!

DIY Tumblr Christmas Room Decorations! Diys Holiday Room decor! Christmas Holiday 2015, Christmas Holiday decorations, Christmas room decorations, DIY.

The Tumblr Song

Check your privilege, you oppressive pigs. Download THE song m/kidswithproblems/the-tumblr-song lyrics: I know a.

Shit that annoys me about Tumblr.

Follow ME ON tumblr: m/ That particular post in question.

About Me (For Tumblr)

I had to re-upload this to this channel because it had copywrited material in it. M m/jennaanne1026.

About me/social idiolect from Tumblr

From a tumblr meme but the file was too big to upload there.