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Study Abroad Experience | US & UK

I get questions about my studies around the world a lot, so I thought I'd do a video addressing many of these queries! I love talking about my experience mainly.

Studying Abroad Tips: My Time in England

Studying Abroad or Traveling tips I learned during my time abroad in England. Plus I share a little bit about my trip and show some pictures of my time there.

Study Abroad Diaries: Tips for London!

The tips can apply for other areas in the UK, but as I'm in London, I just kept it to that. - Tip 1: GiffGaff m/orders/affiliate/kayleyhyde (this link gets).

What you Need to Know About Studying Abroad in the UK

Sure studying in the UK sounds cool- but what are the benefits? We will cover the perks of studying in the UK, a few differences you can expect when compared.

How to | Study Abroad | Studying in UK

A basic introductory video to student life in the UK. How to apply for a student visa. What is student life like? Basics of working in UK.

My Study Abroad Experience: England 2013

Boiling down three months of studying abroad at De Montfort University in Leicester, England into a four minute video. Blog: m Twitter.

Study Abroad at UCL

UCL's history, reputation and academic standing makes it a top destination for study abroad in the UK. Come and study alongside regular UCL and international.


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