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Police Officer Thinks He's Above the Law Flips the Bird at Cop

Know your rights - m/ml - The Supreme Court recommends you NOT talk to a police officer, but you must say "I'M going TO.

Exotic Cars Street Race Through Beverly Hills, Owner Claims Diplomatic Immunity [VIDEO]

How far can you go in America if you have diplomatic immunity? One Qatari man who owns very exotic vehicles, recently spoke to police about a street race he.

Trayvon Martin Murderer Zimmerman Scion of Elite Family Above the Law for Killing Goyim

Above Rooftop located in Staten Island is the only nightlife venue in the five boroughs that offers a sweeping view of Staten Island's Four Bridges AND.


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David Lat of Above the Law, Part 2

Career Expectations for a Graphic Designer: In this video I talk about the different things graphic designers can expect to encounter in.

ABOVE THE LAW - Gangsta Madness

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Submission (Write On) | Law Revue 2014

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Above The Law, Obama defends phone records seizure. 5/17/2013

Episode 41 Courtesy of thesurfnetwork, this episode of Sea Movies features 70's North Shore standout Larry Bertlemann. Known for his.