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Notre équipe de monteurs au quot;dien.

LINDEMANN - Praise Abort (Official Video)

Lindemann - Praise Abort by Zoran Bihac The new Album: Standard: Special: Super.

Bare Handed Linemen Work on Live High Voltage Power Lines

Live-line working with Bare hands. These linemen in york, a town off Petertown have some balls.

Lineman doing electrical work

In Neenah, WI.

Robert Innis, Contractor Lineman, Canada - July 6, 2012 BGE Storm Restoration

We are grateful to the 1900 out-of-state utility workers who have come from around the country and Canada to join us in this massive undertaking. We ask our.


This video is a documentary of the graduation rites of several batches of linemen from the Cebu Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (cebeco!, 2 & 3 electric).

PRIDE OF PINOY LINEMAN(wire walking)@april 12,2012

Im proud to be proud a filipino lineman.

'Hot-Washing' the Insulators of a 500,000 Volt Power Line!

How a modified helicopter is used to remove the accumulation of bird droppings on the V-shaped insulators of live 500000 volt power lines.