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Finding 556 and 223 Ammo For Cheap!

Where do I find my 556 or 223 ammo you might ask, I go to numerous stores and talk to managers and employees and be friendly and polite. They won't be able.

Walmart Ammo Search Proof Of Price Gouging/Back Door Reselling 2-11-14

I finally was able to hear proof of price gouging and shady dealings by many local gun shops who buy as much ammo as they get their greasy hands on at.

No more ZQI ammunition being sold in Walmart!!!

If you are not aware ZQI ammunition will no longer be sold in Walmart stores according to ZQIs facebook page. Here is they statement they posted. Update!

Walmart employee accused of stealing iPad minis

The day after Christmas, Rock Hill Municipal Court Judge Ray Long showed mercy by giving an accused thief a personal recognizance bond instead of setting.

Bellevue Public School Administrator Is A Pussy About being Recorded

After I shut the camera off. I went on to say, "You do realize you work for me. I should be able to record my employees if I want." This is a very important topic, so I.

Ammo Shortage & Walmart: Early Bird Gets the Brass

Watch in HD* Just sharing my experience with current ammo shortages, and some of the ways you might still be able to get what you're looking for. Support.

2015 Update How to Find .22lr Ammo at Walmart Remington Golden Bullets Still Suck

I show you how to check all your local walmarts for.22LR ammo. If they get any Remington Golden bullets in leave them for the hoarders.

Employees of The US Federal Government Take Note

Our Hunting Offer for the 2013 Season Hunting Offer is off the Wall If You Work For The US Government you are Banned Banned Yes You May Be Banned Here.

Walmart ammo clerk LIES LES LIES about 555 22LR Ammo AM4L

I busted another LIE filled Walmart Ammo Clerk! The man brought out only 5 boxes of 555 when we all knew 10 boxes came in. He proceeds to tell us in front.

Walmart Refused To Sell .22lr Ammo To My Son

Walmart Refused To Sell.22lr Ammo To My Son. I took my son to Walmart to buy some.22lr ammo. He is 19 years old soon to be 20 and the woman at sporting.