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Abandoned By Disney (creepypasta)

I hadn't even thought about the possibility of Disney abandoning one of their parks but apparently this is very real and awful in every way. No really. Disney had.

ABANDONED - Catastrophe Canyon at Walt Disney World

M - please subscribe - I always wonder what happened to Catastrophe Canyon from the backlot tour at MGM / Hollywood.

It's A Small World (Creepy Piano) - Abandoned by Disney

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UE - Exploring Abandoned Disney World Water Park

Exploring an abandoned Disney World water park. It closed in 2001. Do not attempt to trespass on Disney property. Not only is it dangerous, it is actively.

Disney World's Abandoned Hotel

We all know Walt Disney World as the happiest place on Earth, but for years this resort had an abandoned hotel! We hope you enjoy and don't forget to click the.

ABANDONED - Walt Disney World Airport Runway - STOL Port

M - please subscribe - Did you know that Walt Disney World had an active airplane runway throughout the 1970's. Check it out.

It's a Small World Audio (Abandoned By Disney Version)

The It's A Small World _CreepyPasta_ Version. I do NOT own this picture_drawing! All rights go to Deviruchii- http viantart.

Sneaking Into The Old Abandoned Image Works 2014 - Extinct EPCOT Walt Disney World

As a kid I have always loved this cute attraction and around a year ago, I sneaked into this amazing place to see what it was like! A few months ago, I decided.