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Tip (aka T.I.) Responds to Rap Genius Interpretations of His Lyrics

"It could be a reference to one's assumed distribution of some illegal substance or another, maybe. I will not confirm nor deny any allegations." Genius.

R.A. The Rugged Man Decodes Lyrics @ Rap Genius

With his new album "Legends Never Die" in stores now, the Rugged Man stops by the offices of Rap Genius to decode his lyrics and clarify some.

Rap Genius with News | Disrupt NYC 2013

The founders of lyric website Rap Genius revealed today that they're starting to move into annotating news content too, under the name News Genius.

Game: Inside Top Lyrics from Rap Genius | EXCLUSIVE

Rapper Game breaks down the stories behind his classic songs and lyrics, suggested by the Rap Genius geniuses. Subscribe for more exclusives from top.

Tablo, the Lyrical Genius part two [Lyrics on screen]

Reuploaded with corrected lyrics Corrections by user Kim Jung-il Compilation by daechungpower.

Joe Budden Explains "Immortal" And The Night His Brother Was Shot

Joe Budden explains "Immortal" and the night his brother was shot. M/Joe-budden-immortal-lyrics Subscribe to Genius: Follow Joe Budden on.

산이 SAN E - Rap Genius (Typo motion)

8mm film of Hillcrest Logging climax locomotives #9 and #10 operating between Mesachie Lake and Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island Hillcrest 9 is now on.

San E (산이) - Rap Genius (Feat. Effect, DJ IT) 네이버 온스테이지 LIVE

Brand new album delirium out November 6, including the new single On My Mind. Pre-order on iTunes and get ON MY mind straight away.