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Richard Pimentel - Winnipeg | Ability Axis | Making a Difference 2013 | Emplyment Expo Winnipeg

Ability Axis presents Making a Difference 2013 with guest speaker Richard Pimentel as part of Manitoba Access Awareness week in Winnipeg. For more info.

Ability Axis presents Richard Pimentel in Winnipeg | Manitoba Access Awareness Week 2013

To register for "Making a Difference" with Richard Pimentel presented by Ability Axis in conjunction with Manitoba Access Awareness Week 2013.

Employment Issues for People with Disabilities in Winnipeg - Ability Axis " Making a Difference"

Rob McInnes talking about how his 2 companies "Diversity World" and "Ability Axis" work to help bring awareness to issues that face people with disabilities in.

Ability Axis Employment Expo "It's time for a fresh look."

An annual forum for connecting job seekers and employers, for highlighting achievement and innovation, for featuring and disseminating resources, and for.

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