Summer theater internships abroad -

Notre Dame Theater Internship: Chicago Shakespeare

Notre Dame's Arts and Letters Summer Internship Program provides funding to sophomores and juniors majoring in the College of Arts and Letters who take.

Beverly Diaz, Summer Dance Internship Audition Video, Spain

Beverly Diaz, Boston University Theatre major and Dance Minor. This is my audition video for a Summer dance internship in Spain through Performing Arts.

PAA West End Musical Theatre Training Program

Looking for a life-changing musical theatre intensive training program abroad? Through Performing Arts Abroad, you could spend one, two, or three weeks of.

World Endeavors: Trent in Australia 1

Trent's first video blog from Australia about his first day at his summer theater internship! For more information about World Endeavors' internships in Australia or.

Summer Internship 2013 Trailer

Join slam on a 7-week discipleship excursion taking place in 3 different countries. This internship is for the student ready to learn what ministry means and gain.

Theater Internship in Israel

Shayna works as a Stage Manager for the Nephesh Theater Company. They perform for school groups and put on productions for the youth of Israel. Shayna is.

Event Planning Internships Abroad with Masa Israel Journey

Ali Margolies works in an event planning internship at David InterContinental in Tel Aviv. Interns at the hotel get an overview of hotel management by working in.

AIFS in London - England Study Abroad

Study abroad in London, England with aifs. Internships and new theater program at the London Globe Theater available! By including your tuition, housing.