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How to Mix Vocals in Film Trailers Using Waves Plugins

Watch how composer/producer Nick Murray enhances vocals in film trailers using Waves plugins for compression, EQ, analog modeling and more.

Mixing Engineer Dave Darlington on His Favorite Waves Plugins

In this video, Grammy-winning recording, mixing and mastering engineer Dave Darlington (Avicii, David Guetta, Sting, Oz) takes a look at the plugins he uses.

Mixing Justin Timberlake Live with Waves Plugins

FOH engineer Andy Meyer (Janet Jackson, Guns N' Roses, Bob Seger, Rage Against the Machine) takes a detailed look at the plugins he uses the most when.

Behind the Scenes at Waves Audio (Documentary, 2015)

Get behind the scenes of Waves Audio! Watch never-before-seen footage on the making of Waves audio plugins, featuring exclusive interviews with key.

How to Mix Drums Using Waves Plugins and Superior Drummer 2

In this video, audio engineer Eric Tarr shows you how to create a multitrack drum mix using Waves Plugins and Superior Drummer 2.

Waves Event with Chris Lord-Alge - Part 3: CLA Vocal Plugin

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Pop vocal processing with waves plugins.

This little tutorial shows an example of using various coloring waves plugins for modern vocal processing. The lyrics were written by my friends Dmitry and Sara.

Mixing Live Sound with Waves Plugins at Gateway Church

FOH engineer Jason Aulds from Gateway Church in Texas shares how Waves plugins enable him to deliver pristine sound in a megachurch environment Waves.

Mixing Engineer Michael Brauer on the Benefits of Using Waves Plugins

Grammy-winning mixing engineer Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, Grizzly Bear, Florence the Machine) shares which Waves plugins he uses the most.

Logic Pro X - How to Mix Ambient Vocals The Weeknd (WAVES PLUGINS)

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