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UE - Exploring Abandoned Disney World Water Park

Exploring an abandoned Disney World water park. It closed in 2001. Do not attempt to trespass on Disney property. Not only is it dangerous, it is actively.

5 Darkest Disney Secrets

Sometimes the Magic Kingdom isn't so magic. Subscribe to Dark5 Watch More Dark5: 5 Darkest Coca-Cola Secrets.

Abandoned - Disneys Discovery Island

Starting out a brand new series, so lets see how it goes! If you have any ideas for the next video just leave it in a comment below. I hope you really enjoyed the.

Sneaking Into The Abandoned Wonders Of Life Pavilion 2014 - Extinct EPCOT Walt Disney World

This is one of my favourite pavilions in Epcot - The Wonders Of Life! I used to remember visiting this wonderful place when I was a kid and was really sad to hear.

Abandoned By Disney (creepypasta)

I hadn't even thought about the possibility of Disney abandoning one of their parks but apparently this is very real and awful in every way. No really. Disney had.

Sneaking Into The Old Abandoned Image Works 2014 - Extinct EPCOT Walt Disney World

As a kid I have always loved this cute attraction and around a year ago, I sneaked into this amazing place to see what it was like! A few months ago, I decided.

Top 10 CREEPY Abandoned Amusement Parks!

Around the world, there are some abandoned amusement parks that have fallen victim to time. For that reason, it has left them in an eerie state of decay.

Disney's River Country - The Animated History

Enjoy this awesome animated history of the Abandoned Disney Water Park, River Country. Learn about the history behind the closure of the park, as well as how.

Fake and Abandoned Disneyworld in China

Some behind-the-scenes footage in this very strange place. More on m. The actual name of this place is the Wonderland.


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