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Spanish royal family problems persist

Court accepts paternity suit against Spain's King Juan Carlos, latest problem for the royal family. Al Goodman reports.


The great powers were on the look-out for a new king of Greece. Having attended his elder sister Alexandra's wedding in England, seventeen year old Prince.

Spanish Royal Family at Marivent Palace, Mallorca

King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia, Leonor, Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofia pose outside the Marivent Palace. For more on Europe's royal families, visit.

Spain's monarchy in crisis - reporter

M/ It was a year ago that Spanish King Juan Carlos apologised after it emerged he had been on a hunting trip in Africa while his country.

Spanish Royal Family's summer 2012

The crownprincely couple of Spain & their daughters Leonor & Sofia on vacation on Mallorca 6th August 2012.

Spanish Royal Family

The Kingdom of Spain has been ruled by the Bourbon dynasty since the death of the Spanish line of the Hapsburgs which resulted in the War of Spanish.

Motorcade (escolta/vip escort) president Mexico and Spanish royal family in Madrid

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Spanish Royal Family Summer 2013

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Raw Video: WC Winners Meet Spanish Royal Family

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Spanish Royal Family offers dinner to IOC Evaluation Commission at the Royal Palace.

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