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How To Chain With The DexNav In ORAS (Shinies, Egg Moves, Hidden Abilities & Items)

I was playing around with the DexNav this morning and realized that you can chain Pokemon with it! This video will explain how to successfully chain a.

Complete Pokemon Breeding Guide Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Best ORAS Breeding Guide

Edit: The only Thing I forgot is that You can use a Heart Scale to retrieve forgotten Egg Moves with the move relearner This is a Complete Breeding Guide for.

Generating hidden abilities on Powersaves for XY/ORAS

This video shows you how to force hidden abilities through the Wondercard generator method located in PowerSaves for Pokémon X,Y, OR, and AS. Please.

The Dexnav. Hidden Abilities and Perfect IVS.

The new Dexnav for oras is hands down my favorite new feature so I figured I'd make a quick video explaining how to use it to help find pokemon with hidden.

How to get Hidden Abilities in Pokemon X and Y

Get any pokemon you want! - Pokemon Card Bundle Pack! - A guide on how to get.

How to get Any Hidden Ability in inluding Snivy ORAS using Power Saves

This is how to get Contrary Snivy. Please share if you enjoyed. How to get hidden abilites, this works for all of them. I just used Snivy as an example. This was.

ORAS Wifi Event: Hidden Ability Unova Starters!! (Serperior, Emboar, and Samurott)

Hey guys! In today's video I will be showing you how to get the cool new Unova Starter Event Pokemon with their hidden abilities! These Pokemon are available.


Official Video - m/watch? VHuaL_hMpPaM&listUUFctpiB_Hnlk3ejWfHqSm6Q More Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire News!