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Silver Discoverer Experience: Abandoned Aleutian Islands ~ Silversea Expeditions ~ Cruise Review

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Abandoned Arctic island to become base for Russian troops

A remote Arctic island, home only to a weather station and the odd polar bear, is about to become a bustling military base. That's because Russia is boosting its.

Abandoned Treasure Island Building

We visited San Francisco and decided to check out the abandoned military base on Treasure Island. Such an amazing experience! There were so many creepy.

10 Abandoned Places You Need To Know Of

Abandoned Places are the most beautiful of all the monuments to human progress. From mysterious military islands to Steve Jobs' abandoned mansion, these.

C-130 Low Pass And Landing at an Abandoned Island Airport

Canton Island Airport (iata: CIS, icao: pcis) is an airport located on Kanton Island, in the Phoenix Islands, in the Republic of Kiribati. It has a single runway.

AR Drone 2.0 Abandoned Inchkeith Island Flight - Abandoned Scotland

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Isle for sale, 19th century fort included

Harold Cushing calls his fortified island in the Gulf of Maine, 'a little kingdom.' For 4.85 million, the keys to the kingdom are yours.

Old/Abandoned U.S. Military Base Power Station(mid 50's)

This U.S. Military base is located on an out island in the Bahamas. This base has been abandoned since 1979, has been through many powerful hurricanes.