Ability power sion build - china-dao.ru

Break the Meta Ep49 - Dat Full AP Jax Mid Burst Tho??

Welcome to Break the Meta. The point of this series is to have fun and play champions that are not usually picked for the position I'm playing. Hopefully y'all.

Veigar Highest AP 10,000 Record, 18k Stacks Nasus, 9 Hour game, 12,000 CS - League Of Legends

I know its not the absoulute most AP ever gotten on Veigar, but its the most I could find without using bots/scripts. I am currently Diamond 1 and have lots of other.

FULL AP JAX League Of Legends Montage

Full AP JAX: This Amazingly Epic full AP JAX montage was sponsored by swag and Riot Games (kappa). Before anyone asks, my best score was.

Highest AP Veigar & Instant Kill DFG

Highest AP Veigar Sion 20k HP. One-Shot DFG.

League of Legends AP Sion

AP Sion on a 3v3 My new build: m/league-of-legends/build/ap-sion-nuke-of-noxus-43533.

A Glorious Guide on How to Play AP Nocturne

Today I teach you how to play AP Nocturne, the real first black champion Music: m/watch? Vkx8af6vE3Rc.

League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire/U.R.F - AP Sion - Full Game Commentary

Playing League of Legends as the champion Sion in the game mode Ultra Rapid Fire or U.R.F. Masteries - Runes - Magic Penetration Marks, Ability.

League of Legends - Ability Power Amumu (AP Amumu) is the way to go

Facebook : m/mx59h2d Twitter : m/ChinNin This video shows CouilleBleu.

League of Legends - AP Sion 1

Hey guys, no parts this time! I wanted to upload this video in one big chunk and I want to see all of your opinions on it. This game I play as AP Sion and I do.