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abandoned cars in North Western Victoria Australia

Probably over 1000 cars on a huge paddock in the North West of Victoria Australia sitting their rusting away. Many types of cars with bits all over the place.

Urban Exploration: Abandoned Victorian Mansion

Update! It appears this house has been purchased. Last time we drove by there were cars there and work being done, and the realty sign in the yard was gone.

Top 10 Abandoned Cars in Dubai 2015

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Exploring an Abandoned 1870 Victorian House North Durham

Exploring on a snowy day lead me to a bunch of houses and this beautiful house was one of them. After several failed attempts I was sure this place was.

"Haunted" Abandoned Victorian House Walkthrough

Here is one more video of yet another abandoned house in the area. This one is rather well-known in the area because it can be seen from a busy road. Note.

GoPro: Yea, Victoria, Australia

2:12 Scenic View 5:16 Scenic View 8:44 Cliff-side Path 12:19 Strange Rock Path 14:58 Bushes 15:20 Reverse Turn 19:57 Downhill Trail 21:40 Wombat Hole.

Abandoned cars in forgotten junkyard

These pictures were taken in May of 2010 in the Michigan woods. The junkyard is permanently closed and has posted no trespassing signs all over the place.

Fire at Abandoned Warehouse in Brunswick, Victoria

Video Courtesy: Blair Hughes.