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Logroño, Spain- Middlebury Schools Abroad

Logroo is a vibrant city of 110000 located in the wine-making region of La Rioja, in the north-central part of Spain. The Castillian language has its roots in the.

Ruta de Pinchos - Logrono, Spain

M/ Join David's Been Here in Logrono, Spain, where David partakes in a great local custom called the Ruta de Pinchos. Another way of.


Castillen POR espaa. Logroo.

Logrono Spain Winter 2014 15

A few video clips and photos from Logrono, Spain in December 2014.

Tapas tour in Logrono, Spain

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Campo Viejo Instameet 2015, Logrono, Spain

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Miloš Meier at La Rioja Drumming Festival 2011 (Spain - Logroño, 3.September 2011)

Milo Meier at La Rioja Drumming Festival 2011 (Spain - Logroo, ptember 2011 m/milosmeier).

David Briggs plays Bach BWV 543 at Logrono, Spain

David Briggs plays ach's wonderful Prelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV 543, in rehearsal at the Cathedral of Logrono, Spain, on 10th June 2014.