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Hey guys! This week i travel into the dark unknown that is my Facebook page from 2012, it isn't pretty. LOL good luck trying to get through this video because it.

Should I change my relationship status on Facebook?

You asked, we listened. This week, Joan Actually discusses what changing your relationship status on Facebook really means. Whether you're coming out of.

How to hide online status Facebook chat

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Facebook Status: I have a life.

Sit with your friends, watch this video and say to each other, "Wow I can't believe that chick did such a stupid blog on such a ridiculous topic. Anyone who worries.

How to Post a Heart on Facebook Status : Facebook Tips & Social Media

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STOP Liking Your Own Facebook Status

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Facebook Status

Facebook Status is a song I wrote to kinda poke fun of the people that use face book as well as myself. With the help of Dragon and Rose Music Studio we were.

Facebook: Marketing Yourself Through Status Updates

M/blog/2010/08/how-to-market-yourself-via-facebook-status-updates/ Does it matter what you say on your updates? Watch this.

Status Updates: LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter. What's the difference?

LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter all have the capability to post updates about yourself, but what is appropriate to post where? This video will help you sort out the.

Mikey Bars - Facebook Status Song

Lyrics ARE IN THE description below! I decided to post a status one day and make a song out of it. This is what I came up with. Enjoy! (For anybody).