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Adventure Medical Kits: Smart Travel First-Aid Kit - Product Review

This new Adventure Medical Smart Travel kit is designed with the idea that common travel ailments should never derail your trip. Contents include blister.

Lifesystems Travel First Aid Kits

Whilst travelling abroad you will inevitably find themselves off the beaten track. Travelling to remote places often means you need to take your own sterile.

Medical Kit - International Travel

What I carry when travelling abroad. For some entirely different kits, check this out.

Travel health

A simple guide to health precautions when travelling abroad, including vaccinations, taking condoms and a first aid kit, and being careful about drinking water.

Travel First Aid Kit

With many of us heading to or from our holiday destinations, we're quick to consider the amount of clothes packed and whether or not our toothbrush is safe.

What Travel Vaccinations do I Need?

M/ml Travel vaccinations will not only prevent fatal illnesses whilst travelling.

Pack for Study Abroad?

This video describes how to pack for your study abroad experience! Look for more videos about topics like basic Estonian phrases, tourist destinations.

Adventure Medical Kits: World Travel / First Aid Medical Kit - Product Review

The World Travel contains the supplies you need when traveling to remote locations where medical assistance may be hours or days away. Recommended for.

My year abroad: Switzerland

Not the usual type of video from me, but I did manage to squeeze a clip of some horses in! This year I am on my "third year abroad" which is compulsory for.