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Top 15 Most Awesome Dps Abilities In World Of Warcraft

A World of Warcraft top 15 countdown of the most awesome Dps abilities in the game, Edit: In hindsight I should have had Metamormphosis and Chaos bolt in.

League of Legends -- highest damage with a single skill

If you think this game looks pretty cool, don't hesitate to join here: m/?ref4b943e97c367c Quite obviously set up, and won't.

Lightning - WoW 6.2 PTR burst! (All Classes/Specs)

Read this please This is not meant to be an accurate fair test of burst since I literally just asked random people outside SW on PTR and (after a few tries to).

Highest damage in world of warcraft recorded. (Shatteredhand EU - Vanilla)

This is my movie from vanilla WoW showing up the "rampage" bugg. What you do is, stack rampage to 5stacks, then you zone out(get a loading screen), you still.

Top 10 Classes in World of Warcraft

Top 10 classes to play in wow. Number 10, The warrior. Warriors are a maylay class who can tank. But the other tanks are better. And I'm not a big fan of maylay.

How to Deal Damage as an Elemental Shaman | WoW PvP Guide

Revolutionize the way you game only at: m! Knowing how to most effectively deal damage as an elemetal shaman is vital to being.

All Tier 1 Battle Pets in WoW (the best pets)

The Anubisath idol and arctic hair are tier 1 for the reasons I gave earlier. The S/S death adder hatchling, for its ability to outspeed everything but critters and its.

Easiest and Deadlest Class PvP Wow 6.2.3

If you are new to the game or perhaps you are a longtime player tired of playing the same old toon, look no further. I have been playing wow since BC and never.