Romney about instagram -

Romney Evans- Instagram

Romney Evans- Instagram.

Obama Zombies Think Mitt Romney Will Ban Instagram if Elected

Obama Zombies Think Mitt Romney Will Ban Instagram if Elected Video by Mark Dice. M/MarkDice m/MarkDice.

Barack Obama & Mitt Romney Agree, Become Friends Over Twitter (Kind Of)

Wait a minute, did Barack Obama just retweet Mitt Romney? And not in a "this Mitt Romney tweet is some real bullshit" kind of way, but in a "I actually agree with.

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles Of History Season 2.

Summer Concert Tour Dates! M Download on iTunes Tshirts for this battle.

ERB Reactions! Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

My reaction to the epic rap battles of history Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Link to original video: catch ME hanging.

Mitt Romney for President 2016???

How has Mitt Romney's life been since he lost in the 2012 presidential election to barack obama? Twitter: @funarios Mitt Romney: @joelbyarscomedy.


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Allen West - Romney and Terrorism - 01-30-15

National Center for Policy Analysis President and CEO Allen B. West discusses Mitt Romney and terrorism. Follow us on Twitter: m/ncpa.

Obama VS Romney PRANK!!

Leave a comment telling us who you think is the scariest! Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. We had to go out and figure this one out! Thanks for watching.